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Success Story of BSN Alumnus Egon Beaart MBA | Ministry of Defence
BSN Graduate Egon Beaart MBA

Egon Beaart MBA |
Ministry of Defence, the Netherlands
Year of Graduation: 2011
Industry: Government

Since 1988 students of Business School Netherlands have been using Action Learning to realise returns for their organisations by resolving challenging problems or identifying and capitalising on opportunities.

In the e-booklet ‘MBA in Action‘, alumni of diverse backgrounds describe how they experienced Action Learning and Action Research. They also concretise what Action Learning has contributed to their organisations and to them personally. This success story is about BSN Alumnus Egon Beaart MBA and the ‘Action Results’ for the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands.


The Dutch Ministry of Defence found itself confronted with societal developments which directly influenced internal operations. In order to evoke new (desired) behaviour, new norms needed to be implemented: people before procedures and regulations. Implementing this vision was essential in order to improve performance in the so-called ‘Peace Operations’ (internal operations).


My research clearly indicated that in order for new behaviour to be adopted and to improve performance in the organisation, three elements were essential: Maintaining initiated processes; one identity for the whole ministry (vision); development or promotion of personal leadership. A cultural divers team of VIPs shall support and foster this sustainable change throughout the whole organisation for a minimal timeframe of 5-7 years.


My dissertation led to both enthusiasm, recognition as well as fear of losing one’s position amongst employees of the Ministry of Defense. Moreover, it formed the basis of conversations with the previous and the current Minister of Defense, as well as several members of Parliament. The report has been on the agenda in Parliament five separate times. We all know it takes time before the Ministry commits to new ventures, but thus far, the first results seem to be appearing. For instance, the Dutch Royal Troopers have recently established a similar VIP team.

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