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World Institute of Action Learning

The World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) was co-founded in 1995 by Prof Dr Michael Marquardt, renowned author of various books and articles on Action Learning. After years of research, and basing its philosophy on the principles of Prof Dr Reg Revans, World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) developed a leading education model which focuses wholly on lifelong learning.

World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) considers the promotion and strengthening of Action Learning practices worldwide as one of its core goals. How does it achieve this? By offering training and consultancy and by undertaking scientific research. World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) has developed in-house training programmes to train Senior and Master Action Learning coaches. Originally only offered in the United States, now these programmes are available in various countries, thanks to a number of affiliates that have joined WIAL.

Currently, there are three World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) affiliates in Europe, Business School Netherlands proudly being the only Dutch partner of the renowned World Institute of Action Learning –(WIAL) institute. We are just as proud to say that we have more than 80 in-house Action Learning coaches, of whom more than 10 have the official WIAL Senior Coach certifications. BSN’s Academic Director, Prof Dr Billy Coop, joined World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL’s) Board of Directors in 2012.

Every year, our Action Learning coaches provide Certified Action Learning training sessions and consultancy in Dutch, English and Czech. Moreover, the coaches play an active role in our MBA programmes so as to ensure our students are up to date with the basic principles of Action Learning while solving dilemmas encountered within their own organisations.

In 2015, BSN introduced the two-day Action Learning Foundation Course as an integral part of the International Action Learning MBA and the Executive Action Learning MBA.

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning = Programmed knowledge (P) + asking questions (Q) to understand what people see, hear and feel + Implementation (I) + Reflection (R) so as to learn from the consequences of your actions. Not just as an individual, but in small interactive groups.

Action Learning = P + Q + I + R

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