Corporate Training Packages

Get Industry Experts to Design Your Training

Our in-house industry experts can design a full corporate training package that focuses on your organisation’s critical skills areas and can help bridge any gaps in management practice that may exist.

The packages would be designed on a level equivalent to that of a Master’s degree, thereby enabling a comprehensive and professional management education. Our unique Action Learning approach also teaches your management team a very effective decision-making and collaboration strategy.



Our tailor-made Action Learning-empowered MBA corporate training packages can bring your organisation many improvements, among these are:

Company-wide Improvements

  • Processes run better
  • Communication is smoother and more of your employees’ perspectives are taken into consideration
  • You’ll achieve results faster with less wastage
  • Your organisation can avoid additional costs for hiring external consultants. Your employees are trained as in-house consultants


Build Stronger Bonds in Your Organisational Teams

  • Your teams will become more passionate about their work, as they are more personally invested in the outcomes through Action Learning 
  • Develop better methods of managing resistance
  • Deliver faster work to deliver on your organisation’s goals on time
  • Help your staff and stakeholders become better strategic discussion partners
  • Develop skills as consultants and are multi-employable;
  • Achieve organisational objectives faster

Empowering Leaders

Action Learning develops new perspectives and modifies employee behaviour by teaching them to:

  • Analyse by looking at a problem from different angles
  • Investigate different solution scenarios;
  • Make systematic decisions;
  • Work together with colleagues to come up with analyses and solutions;
  • Clarify the exact nature of the problem
  • Create and leverage the synergy between teams;
  • Deal with rapid change;
  • Become relationship managers with professional knowledge


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