In November 2016, Business School Netherlands received the NRTO-mark; a new independent acknowledgement that is assigned to private educational institutions, indicating that they offer high-quality and professional education. The mark is awarded by the Dutch Institute for Training and Education (NRTO), the branch organisation offering training and education.

Business School Netherlands receives NRTO-markDuring an audit by an independent external certification institution, it was established that Business School Netherlands meets all criteria of the NRTO-mark. With this mark, Business School Netherland shows it meets the high demand in respect of transparency about products and services, adequate service delivery, professional client management and its staff’s highly esteemed expertise. Private educational institutions offer a wide range of different educational approaches, techniques and tools; this diversity is what gives the private education branch its powerful impact.

‘We’re very proud to have acquired this new mark as soon as we have,’ says Marcel van der Ham, director of Business School Netherlands. ‘The mark provides aspiring candidates and companies certainty about BSN’s service, which is very important, as a lot of time and money is invested in education. Surely, people want to know their investment is spent wisely,’ concludes Van der Ham.

About Business School Netherlands
Business School Netherlands is a Dutch-based business school operating in over 12 countries worldwide, offering the International Action Learning MBA and International DBA programmes, the Executive Online DBA and master classes on Food Security and Water Management. With over 350 new graduates every year and over 1500 active students, BSN is one of the largest MBA providers of The Netherlands.

For further information, please contact Marcel van der Ham on +31 (0)344 579032 or via email: Find us on Facebook or

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