‘Independent accreditation institute acknowledges – again – BSN’s high quality level
‘An acknowledgement by Cedeo allows you to choose the best education from the large pool of providers,’ reads the Cedeo website, a renowned independent Dutch certification institute. Business School Netherlands again lives up to the expectations by achieving – for the tenth time in a row – a customer satisfaction level of 85% in the MBA category!

Cedeo accreditationOver 8500 commercial education institutions are registered in the Netherlands, offering a host of different programmes. Only 800 of those programmes are certified by Cedeo. “Being recognised by an independent external accreditation body is always very valuable,” says BSN’s very content marketing manager Jaucke Hamstra. “It again shows our highest quality educational level. The fact that the acknowledgement is assigned to us by an independent organisation lends it even more validity.”

Randomly picked BSN alumni, all from classes of different years and different types of MBA programmes, were interviewed by Cedeo. They were asked to score BSN on aspects such as the preliminary phase; the programme; study material; tutors; execution of the programme; accommodation; post-programme phase; the organisation and administration; and price versus  quality of the programme. Hamstra: “We scored extremely well on aspects like study material, the programme and our organisation and administration. It is very rewarding to see the results: a score of 85% – that makes for very contented business school. Also, it’s good to see that some of the comments made by alumni have, in the meantime, already been implemented,” Hamstra adds. “For instance, one of the interviewees mentions that he or she would like to get more clarity about the specific criteria used to judge dissertations, something we instituted  last year.”

The Cedeo certificate can be compared with an acknowledgment by the nationwide consumers department. “We treasure every acknowledgement that comes from an independent institution, including the one Cedeo has awarded us. Especially when you realise that only 1 in every 10 institution is actually given this certificate – and BSN has been awarded the acknowledgement already ten times in a row – it should be considered an achievement to be very proud of,” smiles Hamstra.

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