Graduation Day:

a worldly party with international allure

Every year more than 450 students worldwide successfully complete their MBA or DBA programme at Business School Netherlands. This we celebrate during our festive annual Graduation Ceremony in the historic Kurhaus in Scheveningen (the Netherlands)

BSN Graduation Day

In September our MBA and DBA graduates from all around the world come together in the Kurhaus to receive the coveted MBA or DBA degree certificate; a spectacular international event full of inspiring speeches, unforgettable photo opportunities, typical Dutch ‘bitterballen’ and a phenomenal dinner dance in the magnificent Kurhauszaal.

During the ceremony, special attention is given to the student with the highest average mark obtained for all assignments. Alumni who have acquired a proven track record in practising Action Learning and lifelong learning are also given extra attention by being awarded the Q-plus or Q-gold certificate.

In the run-up to our Graduation we ask several graduates about their highlights during their MBA study at Business School Netherlands, but also about what they expect from this happy day, the so called icing on the cake.

Karima Bouzar MBA: “Graduation Day is the day you mark a stop and say: ‘Yes I finally made it!”
“First of all, I introduce myself: I’m Karima Bouzar an Algerian student at BSN Algeria. When I started my MBA I was having a job as an Office Manager at Indra Algeria, by the end of this MBA journey I had the opportunity to be promoted to Finance and…
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Tade Owodunni: “The MBA has been of immense value to my career and long-term personal development”
“I look back on the journey with a keen sense of pride at this lofty accomplishment, an eagerness to bring to bear the knowledge derived towards achieving a multiplier effect in value input in my undertakings and very bright expectations about what the…
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Laurie Meiring MBA: “As I hit the send button submitting my dissertation, tears of relief streamed down my cheeks”
“My main drive was to advance my corporate hospitality career by either climbing the ladder more efficiently or to potentially discover a new calling via the MBA. As it happened, with hard work and the effectiveness of Action Learning I achieved both of my…
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Abraham Otoo reflects on his MBA study at Business School Netherlands
With Graduation Day only a few days ahead of us, we asked some of our graduands how they reflect on their MBA study at Business School Netherlands and what they expect from ‘D-day’. Abraham Otoo: “​I can say for a fact that my decision to pursue an MBA…
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Yasser Abdelaziz MBA: “I had the excellent chance to change my job twice during the study, each step achieved, based on the learning progress.”
Yasser Abdelaziz Abdelaal Dawoud is the first graduating MBA student from Egypt. We asked him how he reflects on his MBA study and what is expectations of Graduation Day are. “My whole working experience has been changed in the last three years during…
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