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We believe in dreams and realising them. In developing yourself from a specialist, to a generalist or vice versa. From underpinning your actions, to being encouraged to start your own business. From consciously incompetent, to consciously competent. Many of our alumni have preceded you. Be inspired by their realised dreams.

“We all have a responsibility to contribute to our community and to facilitate further development of our country”
Ambitious BSN graduate Iza Gigauri looks back on life after graduation. We asked her what her biggest dream is for the future. “I dream of a modern, universal infrastructure including more accessibility for wheelchair-users, so I can move independently throughout Georgia. I also dream about economic prosperity for my country and for Georgian people to be happy.”
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“The challenges have overwhelmed me and tested my tenacity, but somehow I am still standing”
South African Matthew Lewis recently left the banking industry for a challenging and intense job at one of the most dynamic companies at present: Uber. “I was looking for a brand new challenge and in a company that was literally changing the world we live in for the better. There seemed like no better option than trying my luck at applying for a job at Uber,’ says 28-year old Matthew Lewis from South Africa.
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Cum Laude graduate Wencke Eijkelkamp: “Thanks to my MBA, the world is my oyster”
Wencke Eijkelkamp couldn’t be happier: after three-years study, which she combined with a demanding job and an equally busy family life, she scored an 8.2 for her dissertation, enough to graduate Cum Laude. Besides her studies in general, Wencke has fond memories of her subset. The meetings they had were invaluable, she says. “We had a lot of fun. One highlight in particularly revolved around setting up a Bed & Breakfast in Zimbabwe. This B&B is doing very well.”
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“I am a different manager than I was before the MBA”
An inspiring Q&A with one of our MBA graduates: Rwandan Emmanuel Kamanzi (35): “I was born in Uganda, where my parents spent over 30 years as refugees, and returned back to Rwanda when I was 14. My parents were underprivileged and unable to go far in terms of studying, however they were keenly aware of the importance of education and did their best to send all of us to school. I grew up with a sense of making them proud by going to school up to this level of masters – but my goal is to go further” and further he went.
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Luba Protsiva: “Being a BSN student has been an honour and privilege”
In 2014 Luba Protsiva, born in Ukraine and living in Georgia, signed up for an International Action Learning MBA with the intention to strengthen her professional problem-solving skills. After three meaningful, exciting, and sometimes tough years she finally received her degree. “I was so excited about coming to The Hague for Graduation Day,” says Luba, who works as a senior grant acquisition officer at international humanitarian organisation World Vision. “Due to my degree, I can finally call myself a skilled and qualified business professional.”
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‘In Ethiopia, a boss is a boss, who prefers to do as little as possible’
When other managers hear we virtually have no employee turnover, they all wonder how on earth we do that. Hans Walhout and his wife Alita, both Dutch by origin, always dreamt about working in a developing country and truly contributing to society. However, they didn’t want to follow the ‘traditional’ path where “money is injected in an economy and we wait and see”, but take a more corporate, commercial approach. Not only did they want to run a company, one of their ambitions was to provide work for the local community.
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‘Freedom to think, wisdom to learn and courage to act’
Running a business and doing your MBA at the same time? To some people, this might sound as the ultimate ‘mission impossible’. Yet, it’s not. Business School Netherlands has many students proving that it’s actually a very fruitful and doable combination. One of them is South African Elaine Viljoen, who started her MBA with BSN in 2015 and has been running her own franchise of the Tax Shop since 2013. ‘Joining the Tax Shop Franchise as franchisor to more than 75 franchised outlets just over 3 years ago was my return to professional accountancy.’
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Behind the scenes at Tesla in Silicon Valley: An MBA at BSN is more than just studying
The one day you are behind your desk in The Netherlands, engrossed in your MBA trajectory, and the other day you are on a plane en route to Silicon Valley to visit Tesla’s Research and Development centre for one of your study assignments. This happened to Business School Netherlands (BSN) students Erik ten Hove, Peter Eland, Robin van Verseveld, Corjan van der Veen, Davy Emans, and Lineke Pelleboer in January this year.
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