Roland Bushoff

Tutor Strategic Management

As a management consultant, Roland Bushoff has more than 25 years of experience, gained mainly from organisations in the financial sector. He studied Technical Business Administration at the TU / Eindhoven and after a few years worked as a staff manager at Océ NVM. His career as a consultant started in 1990 at Twynstra Gudde, where he became a partner in 1996. Since 2003 he has been working independently at Bushoff & Partners. The increasing co-operation with the advisors of Voogt Pijl & Partners led to joining that agency in 2010.

Since the early 1990s, Roland has been working as a tutor at Business School Netherlands, where he was appointed Associate Professor in 2012. He primarily tutors strategic management in the MBA programme and has supervised hundreds of managers during their Dissertation.

As a management consultant, Roland assists leaders in making strategic choices and achieving strategic changes. He feels very involved with the people of the organisations he works with and knows how to accomplish a lot with his enthusiasm and dedication. He combines a pragmatic approach with a strong theoretical background. The emphasis of his assignments is often on the restructuring of organisations, increasing the efficiency of organisations and the strengthening of an organisations commercial orientation. He combines a pragmatic approach with a strong theoretical background and he lets design and implementation of changes go hand in hand.

Roland’s efforts are increasingly focused on strengthening the future-proofing of organisations. More and more organisations are struggling with how they can cope adequately with the current turbulent times, which are partly the result of the digital revolution. Nowadays, old and well-known strategic management models and theories are often no longer suitable — reason enough for Roland to look for new solutions together with organisations.

Roland is (co) author of various publications, such as Business simplicity, Improving results through focussing on simplicity (2012) and Towards new business models, Insurers on the move (2013). His most recent publication is the book Strategic management in turbulent times — Learn to make your organisation future-proof (2019) that he wrote with Norbert Greveling. Related to this, he contributed to the design of the Strategic Leadership programmes at Business School Netherlands.

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