Tjalling Palmbergen

Tutor Financial Management

Tjalling Palmbergen has been Interim Manager, Trainer and Consultant since 2000 with Palmbergen Zakelijke Dienstverlening BV (Palmbergen Business Services).

Tjalling studied marketing at the HEAO in Groningen, Business Economics specialization management information processing at the Rijksuniversiteit (University) in Groningen and Accountancy at the Erasmus Universiteit (University) Rotterdam followed by several courses in the field of general management and negotiation skills (e.g. Insead).

In 1982 he started his career as an ICT Consultant at the consultancy department of the Nederlandse Accountants Maatschappij (nowadays Deloitte & Touche) in Rijswijk. After several years working as a controller at the NKF Kabel B.V. in Delft, his career continued as Financial Director at Troost Pernis Groep B.V. (technical service business), BBDO Nederland B.V. (at that time market leader in the sector of marketing communication in the Netherlands) and Hollandse Signaalapparaten B.V. (nowadays Thales, automation/defence industry).

In all the companies he worked as a controller and as a Financial Director he has executed organization restructuring and costs reduction programs and was in charge of projects in the field of ICT and management information processing. As an Interim Manager, he continued this line of business for the past 20 years at some Dutch and Belgian companies such as VLM Airlines N.V. in Antwerp, Domein Reckheim in Rekem, Wisserwerk in Apeldoorn and the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions in Leidschendam. Tjalling also serves as consultant a wide range of customers.

As an ICT Consultant, he acquired experience as a developer and tutor of in-company trainings. Since then, he continued these activities besides his work as a controller, Financial Director and Interim Manager. For the past 25 years he has developed an extremely effective method to turn the mind of professionals and managers into a more financial orientation. He brings this in an entirely own inspiring style.

A mixture of companies, line associations and training institutes belong to his clients. For e.g. Tjalling Palmbergen is the leading in-company trainer in financial management in the Dutch advertising industry, the tutor financial management for the Dutch association of advertising agencies and tutor Financial Management of the MBA program at Business School Netherlands. His practice-oriented trainings are focused on financial management, and have interfaces with management information processing and the administrative organization.

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