Norbert Greveling

Tutor Strategic Management

With 30 years of experience as a consultant and more than 150 clients, including medium-sized organisations, multinationals and start-up companies, Dr Norbert Greveling is an inspiring founder of innovative theories in the field of strategic management. Consider the strategic framework for taking a holistic look at an organisation, a contemporary approach to strategic management, a modern way of thinking about the future success of organisations and new ideas about the core tasks of leaders in organisations.

As a CRKBO registered teacher, Norbert is associated with Business School Netherlands since 2013. He mainly teaches in the field of strategic management, including the DBA programme in China, the Mini MBA programme in the Netherlands and the Strategic Leadership programmes, which aim at strengthening the future-proofness of companies and institutions.

Norbert graduated cum laude in Industrial Engineering and Management at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he also obtained a PhD in IT strategy. He was a senior partner at Twynstra Gudde for many years and worked at IBM Netherlands, where he was, among other things, director of the IBM Consulting Group. He has won various awards at IBM, including the Outstanding Innovation Award for the development of a consulting methodology that IBM has started using worldwide. From 2004, Norbert works independently as a management consultant and process supervisor from his consultancy firm Business Fit-ality. He is especially appreciated for his refreshing view, sharp analyses, strong involvement with the organisation, flexible deployment, bringing structure quickly into often complex matters, sketching clear approaches and creating movement in organisations to achieve intended changes.

Norbert’s motives realise progress in the development of organisations and the people with whom he works. He also wants to translate what he has learned into practical insights, with which others can make their organisation more attractive and healthier. The latter does not become simpler for most organisations in this age of ever-increasing turbulence, partly as a result of the digital revolution. In today’s world, old and well-known strategic management models and theories are often no longer suitable, which Norbert is happy to be challenged with by introducing innovations on this part.

Norbert fully embraced the motto that nothing is as practical as a good theory. New pragmatic approaches, tools and instruments have emerged to strengthen the future-proofness of companies and institutions. The application of this has resulted in surprising insights and unexpectedly good results with various organisations, leaders and students. His innovative ideas have also resulted in the management books Attractiveness (2009), The Entrepreneurial Manager (2011) and Strategic Management in Turbulent Times (2019) that he co-authored with Roland Bushoff. Norbert has developed BSN’s Fit For the Future programmes in collaboration with Business School Netherlands and Roland Bushoff. He has also developed various training programmes for consultants, leaders and professionals.

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