Hinrich Slobbe

Tutor Financial Management

Hinrich Slobbe is a genuine dreamer with keen insights into financial management and future-oriented creativity. With more than 30 years of experience, he is an authority in his field and advises management teams on management reports, cost-effectiveness, financing issues, risk management and result optimisation.

Since 1995, Hinrich has been a tutor in Financial Management at Business School Netherlands and gives substance to BSN’s theme day “Risk Management”. Didactics that sometimes hurt a bit, but always with humour. He always knows how to inspire and entertain at the same time and makes dry financial food come alive. In 2014 he was appointed as Associate Professor of Financial Management.

From 1985, after completing his studies in Business Economics, Hinrich taught various economic courses at the Higher Economic School (Rotterdam) and at the same time, he founded his organisation, WizFiz (Wisdom in Finance). Hinrich has been successfully working for both SMEs and listed companies for more than three decades. Within SMEs, questions are mainly focussing on how internal business operations can be supported better in terms of information provision. Corporate (listed) companies are more concerned with the planning & control cycle and how you learn to budget people. In particular, the clash between culture and control are seen frequently by these organisations. His portfolio includes financing assignments for large banks (ABN AMRO, Rabobank and ING), risk and damage assessment assignments for insurance companies (Interpolis and Achmea) and management reporting assignments for the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs. Other clients are ECT, Stage Holding, BDO, Municipality of Rotterdam and Ahold. Also, he supervises various organisations in both profit and not-for-profit environment. Hinrich is a member of the Modus Vivendi Supervisory Board and the SKOBA Supervisory Board in Dordrecht. Besides that, he is chairman of HC Derby in Zwijndrecht and chairman of the Ondernemersfonds Zwijndrecht.

He has written various publications and blogs in the field of Financial Management, but he is also involved in the editing of several articles such as “Financing of education“. In the article “The seven ways in which growing companies can get into trouble with cash”, he is cited by Rabobank as the expert in the financial field.

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