Gerard Evers

Tutor Human Resource Management

Dr Gerard Evers is one of the building pastors of the Personnel Studies programme at Tilburg University where he also completed his studies in General Econometrics and taught as a senior lecturer in Personnel Sciences and later as a professor of Human Capital Valuation. From 2012, Gerard has been affiliated with Business School Netherlands as a senior tutor in Human Resource Management and supervises and assesses various dissertations. He gives students a clear insight into how human resources can be organised and organised most effectively, and which tools you have at your disposal to bring out and use the best of human capital in line with the strategy.

In addition to his extensive teaching experience, he also worked as a consultant and was a director of the HRM department of OSA, the Organisation for Strategic Labor Market Research in Tilburg and Utrecht. From 2010, Gerard has had his consultancy and research agency, Euro-HRM where Clients include various governments (national, provincial, municipalities), healthcare (hospitals, VVT, youth care, UMCs), education (universities, colleges, MBO), supermarkets, transport companies, IT companies, hospitality and catering, various banks and other consulting firms. He is interested in the (business) economic side of personnel management. He has also worked extensively in South Africa, China, Curaçao, Suriname, Chile and Jordan. Themes are mostly strategic staff planning, flexible labour relations, HR analytics and blended learning concepts.

Gerard is also active as a teacher and trainer, among others at Nyenrode, Academy voor Management Groningen and various masterclasses from Mindcampus and Vakmedianet. As the initiator and co-organiser of the annual National HR-Analytics congress, he regularly speaks at congresses and seminars, has been an editor for several professional journals for decades and has a large number of publications (25 books, more than 200 articles) on strategic personnel planning, key figures and steering figures, analytics, flexible retirement and remuneration policy.

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