Christoph Maria Ravesloot

Tutor Research Methodology

Christoph Maria Ravesloot is an inspiring, accomplished innovator and a pure coach. He is a thinker and doer who can quickly observe, analyse and advise both undercurrent and upstream. He knows how to motivate teams and guide them both substantively and during the process. He is a tutor in Research Methodology at Business School Netherlands and guides students in both the Mini MBA and the Executive and Action Learning MBA as an Action Learning coach. He is also Professor of Applied Science at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Inholland University of Applied Sciences and horse coach at Horsedream Nederland and the Spiegelend Paard.

In 2014, Christoph Maria was one of the nominees for the “Lector of the Year” election as the “Sustainable Building Process with BIM” lecturer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Also, in the past, he has been nominated for an innovation prize from the Municipality of Rotterdam. His research involved the photocatalytic decomposition of exhaust gases in the Maastunnel (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), which was an exceptionally innovative solution for filtering contaminated air through vehicles.

Effective leadership starts with the awareness of what moves the people we lead and us. That awareness arises the moment we receive, judging free, unfiltered feedback. Christoph Maria works on maximising team performance for innovative processes and coaches managers and entrepreneurs away from the burn-out and on the road to effortless work and life. Here he uses the self-reflective capacity of horses and applies the latest insights in the field of cell biology, quantum physics, neuropsychology and genetics including heart coherence, TMA Talent Motivation Analysis, MEP Mind Eye Power and PMA Progressive Mental Alignment. In this video Christoph Maria Ravesloot explains how the “Mirroring Horse” helps with coaching, focused on leadership, development and your next development step.

Christoph Maria studied Architecture at TU Delft, Science Dynamics at the UvA and obtained his PhD at TU / e on a combination of building physics and public administration. He works as a methodologist for practice-oriented research, as a lecturer in the field of Sustainability and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

In February 2019, the first training course for “Effortless Coaching” will start in Germany, which is his life’s work in the field of coaching. The application of quantum physics, neuropsychology and cell biology in coaching is the guiding principle in this course.

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