30 Years of History

We will celebrate!

This year, BSN celebrates 30 years of its radical innovative approach to the world of higher education through its unique Action Learning MBA programme which started through humble beginnings in 1988 and which now extends to numerous countries throughout the world, including Nigeria, China, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Suriname, Czech Republic and Algeria. We will be celebrating throughout the year, starting by challenging you with our ‘Appeltjes van Oranje’ / Balloons competition.

Founded in a small town in the Netherlands in 1988, BSN has grown to become the international business school that it is today, with branches and affiliates throughout the world. So much has happened in 30 years!

At BSN. we are justifiably proud of our rich history and of our achievements, which include:

  • We are one of the first and oldest MBA facilitators in the Netherlands;
  • The pioneer of integrating Action Learning in academia;
  • We are the only business school in the Netherlands to hold 8 accreditations and recognitions;
  • We have a worldwide network with partner business schools in countries such as China, South Africa, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and Suriname;
  • We have over 4000 alumni worldwide;
  • Our students, alumni, coaches and faculty are highly accredited specialists and professionals in their own disciplines;
  • We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students and graduates over the years, who include students who have undertaken numerous Action Learning projects at institutions such as Tesla, or one of our students who made it to the House of Representatives in the Netherlands through his research.

Be inspired!
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