From May 13 to 16, 2019, the first Global High-End Manufacturing Summit (GHMS) with the theme of “high-quality economy—better life” will be held in Changsha, China. Mrs Annette Nijs, Chair of the Executive Board of Business School Netherlands, will attend the Summit as “Summit Leader” together with international politicians such as Former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, Former Prime Minister of Australia John Winston Howard, Former President of the Federal Council of Austria Susanne Kurz, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland Eamon Gilmore, Former Deputy Prime Minister Korn Dabbaransi, to name just a few. Annette will give a keynote speech titled “Creating Upsides through Technology Transfer” on the GHMS opening ceremony.

Annette Nijs, Chair of the Executive Board of Business School Netherlands

Annette Nijs, Chair of the Executive Board of Business School Netherlands. GHMS is initiated by Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide (APCEO) and is this year hosted by Changsha Municipal Government. The Summit will bring together leaders from the Fortune Global 500, Forbes Global 2000, global top 500 manufacturers, global top 100 industrial investors, global top 100 industrial innovators, global top 5000 investment companies, world-renowned experts, scholars, financiers as well as other prominent persons to discuss the frontier issues of high-end manufacturing development and show authoritative voice of the real economy.

Mrs Annette Nijs officially joined Business School Netherlands in 2018 and has been appointed as the Chair of the Executive Board of Business School Netherlands since 2019. When she took office, she stated in her address to the graduates at the 2018 BSN Global Graduation Ceremony, “BSN’s success is all because of each one of you who has faith in BSN. Your dreams drive the ambition of BSN. The success of each one of you is our inspiration. Now the new era has begun.”

Mrs Annette Nijs presided 2018 BSN Global Graduation Ceremony

Mrs Annette Nijs is a world-renowned economist and one of the most authoritative experts on China in Europe. Annette, is currently one of the Global Vice Chairs of the Asia Pacific CEO Association, is a Member of the International Advisory Board of Nyenrode Business University, is a former Cabinet Minister for Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands, a former member of the Dutch Parliament, and a recipient of the Knighthood of Orange-Nassau, a Royal Decoration of the Netherlands. Before joining BSN, she was the Executive Director Global Initiative of CEIBS, established the Europe China Institute at Nyenrode Business University and worked for 12 years for Shell in many different countries.

Mrs Nijs has been committed to promoting cooperation between Europe and China and was appointed as one of the five members of the Foreign Experts Advisory Committee of the State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs in China, providing strategic recommendations concerning China’s economic development and social progress for the China Central Leadership as a reference for policy purpose.

Mrs Annette Nijs attended a symposium of foreign experts hosted by President Xi Jinping

Mrs Annette Nijs and President Xi Jinping

In recognition of Annette’s outstanding contributions, the Chinese central government awarded her the Friendship Award, the highest recognition of the Chinese central government for foreign experts who made an outstanding contribution to China. Mrs Nijs published her first book on China in 2009 and her second book on China “The China Factor” will be published soon.

Mrs Annette Nijs attended the award ceremony of Chinese Government Friendship Award sitting between Premier Li  Keqiang and Vice Premier Ma Kai

[Left] Mrs Annette Nijs receiving Chinese Government Friendship Award Vice Premier Ma Kai [Right] Mrs Annette Nijs attended the award ceremony giving a speech at the award ceremony.


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