Direct Results (ROI)

What is ROI?

When you follow an MBA or any other management training, return of investment is important. Why? Because you, and most of the time also your organisation, spends time and money in this training. And you should only invest if there is a considerable return.

Why is it important?

Research has shown (Blume e.a., 2010; Burke & Hutchins, 2007; Grossman & Salas, 2011) that on average one in seven participants in a company training course, will apply the lessons learnt. That is only about 15%. And the return of the use of knowledge is often also still low.


At Business School Netherlands, every participant in the MBA or Masterclass immediately applies what they have learnt in practice. Not 15%, but 100% of the participants apply what they have learnt from the Action Learning method. This distinguishes us from any other management training in the Netherlands. And the effect and return of the use are also high to very high.

For Organisations
Our MBA graduates claim themselves that the study costs are easily earned back by their organisation. A number of graduates even talk about the returns being between ten thousand to millions or more. This is great for the employer and also for the participant who is going through personal growth with his studies and contributes to the return on his organisation. A real win-win situation.

For Individuals
Our MBA alumni earn more, get better positions, and believe that an MBA has been valuable to their professional success, high starting salaries and fast career development.
We are in the top 3 of business schools in the Netherlands when it comes to better positions through training and an increase in gross monthly salary before and after training.


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