Action Learning

A process in which a small group of participants learn and work on real problems

At Business School Netherlands, you learn according to the Action Learning philosophy.
This concept works purely from practical issues. The theory that you study is related to your working environment at all times.

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is a process where a small group of participants learn and work on real problems, take action and develop individuals, teams and organisations. It helps them to develop creative, flexible and successful strategies to tackle problems.
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Why Action Learning at Business School Nederlands?

Since its foundation in 1988, our business school has been offering its students high-quality MBA courses by applying Action Learning.
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Action Learning Success Stories

Since 1988, students from Business School Nederlands have been using the Action Learning principle. Our students and alumni have now successfully completed thousands of Action Learning Projects. Read what they say about this.
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Direct results (ROI)

If you are considering to do an MBA course, there is a good chance that you will think about the investment that you need to do during the orientation. An equally important question is: “What is the return on this investment?”
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