With Graduation Day only a few days ahead of us, we asked some of our graduands how they reflect on their MBA study at Business School Netherlands and what they expect from ‘D-day’. Abraham Otoo: “​I can say for a fact that my decision to pursue an MBA programme was a wishful one but today, I will be the first to attest to the skills and competencies it has instilled in me. I have seen persons who claimed to have MBAs and were as hollow as non-degree holders. At a point in life, I thought of upgrading myself and had no choice but to pursue an MBA course.” 

BSN Alumnus Abraham Otoo MBAWhat MBA programme to go for, and with which institution became a challenge as I wanted to have something that would stand out, be recognised and “speak for itself” as in reflecting in my output at work. My search yielded results as I finally read about the Business School Netherlands (BSN) which had some interesting offers to give, which met over 80% of my desires / outlook in an MBA.

I had a torrid time mixing work, study and pleasure as a lot of things had to be sacrificed in order to achieve this goal and the urge to sacrifice a lot more became necessary as my interest and relevance in the course grew. I had family to go to after close of work, to be with on weekends and other social functions but all had to be sacrificed for a career aspiration. To the average Ghanaian, this would have been quite an expensive venture, however I paid myself through and today, I am the pride of my family.

Group projects were a nightmare. From the beginning, I took a laid back attitude and allowed team members to do all the legwork. I was just in to enjoy their labour. Being a multi-cultural group, I hated these meeting as it was a place group members showed off what pertained in their cultures. Discussing could drag and becomes windy. However, some few months into the programme, I got to understand some aspects of leadership and management which helped me in establishing myself as a clear leader who then steered discussion, thereby ridding project meetings of characteristic tendencies.

This new found strength advised my choice of topic for my dissertation which bothered on the choice of management for a modern day organisation. With time, I moved from being someone who thought generally to someone who was particularly about detail, logic and fact. I had a better picture of being a coach to many freshers’ from the university who had great ideas that were scattered here and there and could not stand the test of time. I helped them redefine these ideas and make S.M.A.R.T choices as to which directions to tow.

Going through the MBA programme have instilled in me some key disciplines that are bringing out the relevant skills and work attitudes that were hitherto dormant in me. Some of these competencies are in the area of:

1. Strategic policy development, where my input has become necessary in every policy direction in my organisation and things to happen in the futures.
2. Where work methods have been tremendously improved as a result of new directives that have been instituted hence is making some staff who had intentions of quitting to stay on.
3. It has brought out the entrepreneur in me as I am able to study trends in the hospitality industry and suggests policies that will work for my hotel going forward and also spotting strengths in staff and placing them on functions where they could give off their best.
4. My decision making and problem solving capabilities have been improved as I am able to do critical analysis of situations looking at alternatives before professing solutions, and together with those the decision is affecting.
5. The programme has also given me the impetus to learn new things in the world of management and to personally improve myself in the areas of taking initiative, picking and working with intelligence and charting meaningful career paths for persons I engage.

Expectations on Graduation Day
I hope there will be room enough for graduands to interact with other graduating students so as to have chance to know what drove the other to choose BSN, the impact the programme has had, establish a network where participants could tap into expertise of each other to outsource jobs in their areas of expertise to them.
There should be a provision of enough and ample background information on graduates with
areas of expertise so that the coalition of networks could be used to benefit both for self and
company. I also expect to meet persons who have already gone through the BSN programme and how they have surfed on that to achieve certain breakthrough endeavours in life.

Abraham Otoo followed our International Action Learning MBA Programme.

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For more information on our Action Learning MBA and Management Programmes, send an email to international@bsn.eu.

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