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Business School Netherlands (BSN) is committed to community spirit, corporate responsibility, development cooperation and sustainable development in developing countries, and is therefore keen to contribute to the development and success of managers and organisations worldwide through unique action learning programmes and more.

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Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility activities and initiatives

Scholarships for International Students with Community Contribution
We offer annual scholarships to MBA and DBA students from selected countries. The condition of the scholarship is that the student must fulfill a work role aligned with one of the 17 Sustainable Develeopment Goals of the UN.  We also agree with him/her that he/she will support BSN students as a coach/mentor for one year after graduation.

Business School Netherlands is an official sponsor of the RIBIZZ Academy
The Academy is an initiative of RIBIZZ, the knowledge network in the Rivierengebied. The Academy helps young (not in age, but in experience) entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial development in a practical way by bringing them into direct contact with experienced RIBIZZ entrepreneurs. They receive practical business help and advice free of charge, thereby increasing their chances of business success.

In one-to-one sessions with an entrepreneur or RIBIZZ member of their choice (called a tutor), they can ask all their business questions. The tutor offers advice, guidance and can put them in touch with contacts in his or her network.

The Academy serves a dual purpose: firstly, it allows young entrepreneurs to benefit from the experience of experienced entrepreneurs at no extra cost, making them better entrepreneurs and increasing their chances of entrepreneurial success. This is good for the economic development of our region. At the same time, the Academy is a unique selling point for RIBIZZ. New entrepreneurs like to become members of RIBIZZ and experienced members like to stay members, partly because they get the chance to share their entrepreneurial experience with enthusiastic start-ups.

Once a year we also organise the ‘RIBIZZ Academy Live’ meeting, which is also open to non-members of RIBIZZ. This is an evening event where a professional speaker shares his knowledge and inspires on a current business topic. There is a small fee to attend the evening meeting, which includes a coffee/tea/cookies break. This is followed by an opportunity for discussion and networking over a drink.

Skills Academy ‘Reach Make It’

Together with the LEWEZA Foundation (acronym for Leer-Werkplaats Zuid Afrika), Business School Nederland is supporting a South African vocational training provider that is making the dream of many unemployed people come true: to be trained for a job that is in demand. The school, which is now fully accredited, offers welding training to unemployed people from the slums of Cape Town. With an almost 100% job placement guarantee!

Local involvement

Based in the royal town of Buren, we provide financial and other support to a number of local initiatives, including the Buren Play Days, Buren by Candlelight, the Marechaussee Museum and the Orange & Buren Association.

Social responsibility in education
Social issues, sustainability, recycling and ethical behaviour are topics that are addressed in almost all degree and non-degree programmes at BSN. In fact, ethical behaviour is one of the 12 competencies of all our MBA programmes.

In addition, since 2015 we have been offering masterclasses on important topics in developing countries. For example, there are 4-day masterclasses in English on water management and food security.

Last but not least, through fairs and lectures, we contribute to improving the participation and emancipation of women in higher management and to raising awareness of the new economy.


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