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The BSN Scholarship is a highly selective scholarship for strongly motivated managers and professionals. Find out below which requirements applicants should meet in order to be eligible.

The BSN Scholarship is a highly selective scholarship for strongly motivated managers and professionals. To be eligible for a BSN  Scholarship, candidates need to be admitted MBA Programmes offered by Business School Netherlands. The applicant should first be accepted, and therefore comply with the requirements set by Business School Netherlands the MBA Programme.

Selected students will receive the BSN Scholarship for the duration of the MBA Programme, 24 months. However, the scholarship will only be renewed if the student is making satisfactoy progress towards the MBA Programme.

Admission criteria
Please ensure that you meet the following admission criteria prior to applying for the BSN Scholarship Programme:

  • Be a manager or management trainee;
  • Hold a B Degree or equivalent qualification;
  • Have Internet and email access;
  • For non-native English speakers a TOEFL or IELTS language test is required. The minimum pass mark for TOEFL is 79 and IELTS 6.0. Exemptions can be considered should you have successfully completed your degree in the English language.

Special conditions

  • The student must support and contribute his/her employing organisation and Action Learning community by fulfilling the role of an Action Learning Coach for a period of one full year;
  • The student will be required to focus one of his/her Action Learning Projects on Community Upliftment Initiatives.


BSN is proud to be one of the Dutch institutions who offer the following qualified programmes:

  • The International Action Learning MBA with a Major in Food Security, which will be delivered in co-operation with RVJ Agribusiness Academy in the Netherlands. The Major starts-off by introducing the current food eco-system and the challenges it is facing because of the changing supply and demand dynamics.
  • The International Action Learning MBA with a Major in Water Management, which will be delivered in co-operation with Delft University of Technology (NL). This Major will provide you with a general introduction to the topic of water management. Furthermore, provision and management of portable drinking water and the management of water for generating food crops will be treated.

In order to qualify for the Major endorsement on the MBA scholarship degree, the following conditions for the student apply:

  • Must have attended the respective Masterclass, i.e. Food Security or Water Management;
  • Must have passed the assignment ‘Personal Effectiveness Paper’ related to the respective Major;
  • Must have incorporated the Major subject as the leading theme of ALP 1, 2, 3 as well as the Dissertation;
  • If applicable, is active in the respective field of business.

Please read through the Education and Examination Regulations (EER/OER) International Action Learning MBA (PDF).

To be eligible for a BSN Scholarship you must:

  • be a manager with at least three years’ relevant work experience;
  • be a national of, and working and living in one of the countries on the BSN List valid at the time of application;
  • have been unconditionally admitted by Business School Netherlands
  • not be employed by:
    – a multinational corporation (e.g. Shell, Unilever, Microsoft);
    – a large national and/or commercial organisation;
  • have completed and submitted a BSN Scholarship study, master’s degree programme application, including all the required documentation, before the applicable application deadline;
  • be employed in an area to which the study will make a relevant contribution;
  • have a clear-cut, functional relationship with a relevant organisation and be in a position to introduce the newly acquired skills and knowledge into that organisation;
  • be full-time available for the entire period of the programme or course and be physically and mentally able to take part in the entire programme;
  • endorse the objective and the aim of the BSN Scholarship and use your new knowledge and skills to support your employing organisation and the Action Learning community.

MBA Scholarship application dates for 2018

MBA Scholarship applications for 2018 are now open.

Mid-career professionals in employment

  • Only the individual applicant can apply for funding;
  • The training must occur within the context of the organisation with which the applicant works;
  • The training must be seen to help the organisation in its development strategies;
  • Employer support is essential.

Target group While Partial Scholarships are awarded to individuals, the need for training must occur within the context of the organisation for which an applicant works. The training must help the organization to develop its capacity. This means that applicants must be nominated by their employers. In fact, an application without the support of an employer will not be considered.

Priorities The available funding from the BSN Scholarship budget should be spent on scholarships for candidates from deprived groups and/or from marginalised regions.

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