Recognised Quality

Business School Netherlands (BSN) has been operating as an international business school since 1988 and is continuing to expand its range of Action Learning programmes in a growing number of countries to create a global Action Learning community of executives, entrepreneurs and managers. BSN provides high-quality Action Learning MBA and management training courses that comply with international standards of excellence and innovation and have received accreditations from various institutions.

Accreditation & Rankings

Business School Netherlands offers quality postgraduate management programmes for working professionals. Have you ever come across a business school claiming otherwise? Correct, neither have we. That’s why we rather have other parties say how they feel about us – it is far more credible.
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Quality Assurance and Criteria

Our quality and performance improvement system is strongly based on students’ feedback, tutors’ feedback, feedback from accreditation councils and from organisations that send new MBA students to us on a regular basis.
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Code of Conduct

We are affiliated with the branch association for private education in the Netherlands – the NRTO – and strictly adhere to the codes of conduct of this branch organization.
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Factsheet MBA Programme

The overview with the most important facts about the MBA programs of Business School Netherlands, such as student satisfaction, pass rates and average study results.
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Qualifications MBA Programmes

The quality of Business School Netherlands is partly determined by the learning outcomes (‘Final qualifications of MBA programs’) and making the assessment of, among other things, the Action Learning Projects and the Dissertation by experts in your chosen field of work tangible.
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General Terms of Agreement

NRTO Code of Conduct and General Terms and Conditions Consumers and Business to Business
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Marcel van der Ham, dean Business School Netherlands

“We’re very proud to have acquired this new NRTO-mark. It provides aspiring candidates and companies certainty about BSN’s service, which is very important, as a lot of time and money is invested in education.”

Marcel van der Ham

Dean, Business School Netherlands

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