Who, What, Where?

The Governing Body of Business School Netherlands is responsible for the finances, property, business and all academic and non-academic affairs of the School.


Professor Dr. Billy Coop – Marketing Management
Dr. Paul Turken – Strategic and Marketing Management Professor
Dr. Bernie van Zijl – Information and Marketing Management
Professor Brian Bebbington – International Management
Professor Dr. Henry Grimbeek – Human Resources Management Professor
Dr. Walther Hainzl – Operations Management
Professor Gideon Potgieter – Operations Management
Dr. Lee Kingma – Human Resources Management and TIPS
Drs. Tjalling Palmbergen – Financial Management

International Team

Juanita Bouwer – Director International
Marcel van der Ham – Dean and Head of Accreditation and DBA
Billy Coop – Academic Director
Indra Kolmus – Digital Marketing
Marina Seuren – Graphic Designer
Inge Abraham – Journalist
Paul Ohlsson – Business Development
Carol Byworth – Enrolments Officer
Yvette Baker- Registry and Financial Administrator
Nazlie Johnson – Registry and Logistics Administrator
Cathrine Mangwende – Admin and Housekeeping

Management Team

Juanita Bouwer – Director International
Frank Campman – Director Alumni Affairs and In-company Projects
Marcel van der Ham – Dean and Head of Accreditation and DBA
John Zhang – CFO



‘When my CEO found out about my MBA application, he told me how he likes having “smart managers” working for the company.’

Amo Mariche

MBA student, Algeria

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