About BSN

Business School Netherlands (BSN) has been operating as an international business school since 1988 and is continuing to expand its range of Action Learning programmes in a growing number of countries to create a global Action Learning community which includes executives, entrepreneurs and managers.

Who we are

We are Business School Netherlands, a University of Applied Sciences recognised by the Minister of Education, founded in 1988 in the Netherlands. With initially only a branch in the Netherlands, our business school has grown over the last 30 years with more than 12 partner branches in countries such as China, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and Suriname.
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Mission and Vision

Enable professionals and organisations to develop themselves and their organisation through our unique Action Learning courses.
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Accreditations and Rankings

Business School Netherlands offers quality postgraduate management programmes for working professionals. Have you ever come across a business school claiming otherwise? Correct, neither have we. That’s why we rather have other parties say how they feel about us – it is far more credible.
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Recognised Quality

Business School Netherlands has 8 top accreditations worldwide. With this, we meet both the national and international standards that are set for excellence and innovation, a result we are proud of.
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Social Responsibility

Business School Netherlands attaches great importance to community spirit, corporate responsibility, development cooperation and sustainable development in developing countries and therefore wants to contribute to the growth and success of managers and organisations worldwide, with the help of unique Action Learning courses.
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Eleven centres worldwide, Five languages are spoken, and 60 nationalities represented. Thanks to international centres, Business School Netherlands ensures that its organisation – and with that its students – has access to the latest expertise in the field of management and the best lecturers around the globe.
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