Laurie Meiring is the only Cum Laude amongst the international graduates in 2018. Let’s reflect on his study including the Action Learning Projects and the Dissertation, and see what he expressed to us at the Graduation Ceremony.

Information Management ALP

Exploratory Study in Restaurant App Design: Digitising the Reservation System and Enhancing Guest Loyalty in a Hotel Flagship Restaurant

Inadequate restaurant reservation system and lack of a restaurant loyalty programme in a hotel flagship restaurant presents an opportunity for the design and implementation of a Franchise Restaurants App.

Laurie has done a qualitative research focusing on in-depth interviews with key associate positions within the company in order to fully understand what initiatives and programmes were in place or on the horizon. Three options were generated, discussed and analysed, while option sustainability was also considered. Laurie recommended a bespoke option as a ‘build your own’ system with a detailed implementation plan.

Laurie successfully implemented a third-party online restaurant reservation platform, Zomato Book (ZB), thereby digitising the restaurant reservation system. During the time of writing his ALP, the Zomato Book (ZB) has contributed, in terms of customers received through the platform and annual average spends per customer, a total revenue of R 2.4M in a period of just over one year.

BSN Alumnus Laurie Meiring MBA


Development of a Digital Marketing Strategy to increase the effectiveness of an Area Digital Marketing Team serving Marriott International Hotels in Sub Saharan Africa

There is no clear Digital Field Marketing (DFM) Strategy for the region of Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) overseen by the DFM Cape Town Hub (CTH), impacting on its ability to adapt to modern trends such as Digital Ecosystems (DE), Digital Anthropology (DA) and impacting on the CTH’s overall effectiveness and efficiency.

This research is exploratory and qualitative. Laurie interviewed specified Marriott marketing, digital and operational leaders using a structured instrument validated from previous pilot interviews. The interviews were recorded, transcribed and the interview data was validated by respondents in writing. This data was then coded with MAXQDA analysis software, which led to the definition of data-driven Dominant and Semi-Dominant themes, as well as the inclusion of Important themes from which conclusions were drawn relevant to the research objectives.

The tangible benefit from this dissertation is the highly economical provision of a potential new roadmap for Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) DFM Strategy. The intangible benefits are a potential shift towards the digital mind set described as crucial throughout this study. Further potential tangible benefits of the successful implementation of this study’s DCCP include but are not limited to higher levels of digital adoption, digital channel revenue contribution, higher contributions of WI ( conversions, and higher levels of Marriott Loyalty. Further intangible benefits of such implementation include but similarly not limited to associate level digital culture creation, enhanced associate level digital understanding, enhanced associate levels of data understanding, property level database creation, data collection, data organisation, data harnessing as well as data understanding and fruition of original data intentions as outlined via predetermined property-specific key performance indicators (KPIs).

Personal Reflections on his MBA Study

“I acknowledge the considerable toll it took to complete an MBA degree within the 2 years, whilst working full-time, changing career disciplines midway and getting it done. I only grasped this in the final week of the dissertation submission. It was a moment of exhilaration, combined with mixed emotions, when I revisited an opening workshop in 2016, requesting students to write their future-selves a letter, Dear Laurie 2018. This letter is obviously personal, though I can share that I called on myself to better balance my life, be more present, focus more on my family and make the leap as an entrepreneur. I can tell you today and my family will agree that the balance is improving, though I am the first to admit, I don’t have all the answers on precisely how to achieve all these things, but I can say that thanks to BSN, at least I am asking the right questions.”

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