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DBA International

The DBA International Programme is aimed at Senior Professionals, Chief Executive Officers and Senior Managers who want to increase their work effectiveness and professional standing.

Executive DBA

The Online Executive DBA programme is aimed at Senior Professionals, Chief Executive Officers or Managing Directors who want to pursue this degree as a means of building their capabilities in…

International Action Learning MBA

This International MBA Programme is a blended learning programme, combining virtual class (online) and residential conferences in the Netherlands or South Africa. Ideal for the business traveller.

Action Learning Leadership Programme

The course is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of SME entrepreneurs, managers or management trainees. The online-delivery method aims to meet the needs of…

What is Action Learning?

Programmed knowledge (P) + asking questions (Q) to understand what people see, hear and feel + Implementation (I) + Reflection (R) so as to learn from the consequences of your actions. Not just as an individual, but in small interactive groups.

Action Learning = P + Q + I + R


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